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Clarence Felder (born September 2, 1938) is an American character actor who has starred in films and on television, and co-starred in ten Broadway productions. He is also a playwright and director. His play Captain Felder’s Cannon was adapted as the feature film All for Liberty (2009), in which he starred.

Overview of career

Felder’s first feature film performance was in Man on a Swing (1974); his other films include After Hours (1985), Ruthless People (1986), The Hidden (1987), The Last Boy Scout (1991), and The Ride (1997). He stars in the award-winning feature film All for Liberty (2009), portraying his ancestor, Capt. Henry Felder, an American Revolutionary War hero of the Backcountry of South Carolina. It was based on his play Captain Felder’s Cannon.

His starring role on a television series was as Insp. Bobo Pritzger in ABC’s 1980s hit series Hooperman. Felder has starred in many TV movies, including Playing for Time, The Mystery of the Morro Castle, and The Killing Floor. He has made numerous guest appearances on primetime TV series, including Kojak, Hill Street Blues, Alien Nation, Dream On, L.A. Law, and NYPD Blue.

On Broadway, Felder co-starred with Christopher Walken in Macbeth, with Glenn Close in Love for Love, Colleen Dewhurst in Queen & the Rebels, and Meryl Streep in Memory of Two Mondays. He played Debbie Harry’s father in Teaneck Tanzi.

He is the co-founder of Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina and their film division, Moving Images Group.

Personal life

Felder was born and grew up in St. Matthews, South Carolina, where his family had deep historical roots. He went away to college and became involved in acting, spending much of his career in Hollywood. He is married to actress/writer/director, Chris Weatherhead. He has one daughter, Helen Huggins.

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